标题: Future development trend of stone machinery

Stone machinery in the future will be diversified, high efficiency, precision, automation, the direction of the pipeline development. Stone Mining machinery to diamond rope saw machine, large mast crane, multi-head drilling rig to adapt to the development of modern stone waste production efficiency; development of stone processing machinery to continuous production line; Large sand saw, frame saw, multi-knife cutting machine, continuous grinder and surface treatment equipment, special-shaped machining machine, engraving machine,

Machining centers and so on will be favored by users, decoration machinery presents to miniaturization, portability, diversification trend development; Stone Maintenance machinery to miniaturization, specialization, high efficiency, portable development; stone testing instruments and equipment to more specialized, standardized, universal, miniaturized, intelligent direction of development; Stone decoration design to computer, database, network development; its corresponding equipment,

The combination of instrument and use technology will also be an important development part of stone software science in the future.

Time : 2020-05-14
LOCATION :Home - News - Industry
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