标题: Definition of stone cutting machine

Stone Cutting Machine, later renamed Cheshi (Stonecutter), is the game "Minecraft" in the portable version of the unique workbench block, used to synthesize stone blocks.

It looks a bit like a transmitter, a thrower and a furnace.

The significance of his existence is to reduce the number of synthetic objects in the workbench, so in the portable version, the stone cutting machine can handle some of the square Workbench cannot, all the objects made of cobblestone (except the stone cutting machine itself and the furnace) need to be made with a stone cutting machine.

In version 0。13。0, since all items can be synthesized using a workbench, Cheshi is not available for survival and is used only for decoration。 However, after carrying version 0。15, stone cutting machine is not useful, just in the creation mode as a decoration。

Time : 2020-05-14
LOCATION :Home - News - Industry
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